• Just Say No to Echo

Bose ControlSpace Allows You to
Hear and Be Heard

Imagine a conference system where all parties are easily heard without shuffling speakerphones or microphones around. ControlSpace systems work with almost all conferencing services.

Bose ControlSpace Respects Your Privacy

Keep your meetings from prying ears with the privacy processing built into the Bose ControlSpace conferencing systems. 

Similar technology to that used in the famous Bose noise cancelling headphones, the ControlSpace processor utilizes the microphones in the conference room and speakers outside the conference room to keep your conversations private.

Bose ControlSpace Is Head of the Class

ControlSpace is the perfect solution for the complex environment of the modern classroom. 

Easily control multiple microphones so everyone is heard and recorded for remote learning or archiving class sessions. The classroom solutions from Bose provide clean, even sound without feedback or audio dead spots.

Our audio engineers use the latest design tools from Bose to engineer a solution specific to your room and application.