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Commercial Scent Systems

Humans Remember

5% of what we see

2% of what we hear

1% of what we touch

35% of what we SMELL

2010 study carried out at Rockefeller University

Scent Is Powerful

Scent is powerful because it bypasses the logic centers of the brain and engages the limbic system - the emotional center of the brain.

Choose from our scent library or let our scent designers create a custom scent just for your brand.

Scent Sells

A study done by Nike discovered that they could increase the intent to purchase by 84% through the introduction of scent into their stores.

Our scent designers will help you create an
olfactory logo for your brand. 

Scent Is Safe

Aroma360’s oils are IFRA compliant meaning they are of the highest standards in the industry. Their oils are made from the finest plant derived essences and pure essential oils and have anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. Their oils are safe to use around people, pets or plants and are free of carcinogens. This technology is also safe for HVAC systems, furniture, fixtures, and finishes.

Commercial Scent Systems by Aroma360




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